85 USD for premade covers (any changes other than typography will be at hourly fee)

250 USD for digital covers (NEW! 4 revisions included in price, additional at hourly fee)

75 USD to add a spine and back (NEW! 4 revisions included in price, additional at hourly fee)





“Using an effective book cover can very often be the difference between success and failure for a book. I have used Nat/Kanaxa to create several for me and they have all been excellent. Not only is she reasonably priced, but the end product is excellent. Perhaps most importantly, she is a cover artist you can ‘work’ with. That is, you can give you a brief and she will produce what you need whilst still injecting her own creativity to make a cover that is eye-catching, dynamic and unique.”

Darrell Pitt Award-Winning Author and Toastmaster

“I would whole-heartedly recommend Kanaxa’s work to any author. She has designed breath-taking covers for me, with an understanding of what readers look for in different genres along with a flair for creating unique designs that stand out and help sell more books.”

Clare Solomon Author of Gay and m/m Novels

“From beginning to end, Kanaxa was a dream in artistic collaboration. She created exactly what I wanted, often improving on my suggestions and offering the perfect revisions. She’s also very patient with someone learning the ropes of independent publishing. Plus, her speed and attention to detail is absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t recommend her work more highly and will definitely be back for more art. Finally, her book covers are gorgeous, distinctive and polished. She will definitely elevate your project to the next level.”

Ann Aguirre, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

“I remember perusing Samhain’s website shortly after I signed my contract and every cover that drew my eye was designed by Kanaxa. When my editor told me my cover artist would be Kanaxa for The Vessel Trilogy, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Every cover for the trilogy has left me breathless, perfectly exemplifying the characters and tone of my story, bringing my world to life through her masterful artistry. I feel privileged to benefit from her gift.”

Juliette Cross Author of The Vessel Trilogy

“Kanaxa is a rare talent when it comes to cover design: She intuitively understands the vision you have, as an author, and then brings it to magical life on your covers. Her professionalism is unimpeachable. When you collaborate with Kanaxa on a project, you know you’re working with the best.”

Edie Harris Author of the Blood Money Series

“I was terrified by the idea of designing a cover from scratch, but Kanaxa made it easy. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but working on a cover with her was actually fun! She had so many ideas and contributed so much without ever letting me forget that it was my decision and my book. She understands writers and has patience to spare.”

Victoria Dahl USA Today bestselling author

“Kanaxa is a treasure of an artist to work with. Her cover designs are unique, eye carching, and on the mark. Not only is she extremely talented and accomplished at her craft, she is a joy to work with-professional and always personable.”

L.C. Chase Art Director, Riptide Publishing

“Kanaxa is amazing to work with. Her artistry is beyond compare and we at Samhain are constantly amazed by the quality and concept of the covers she provides. Our authors and editors love working with her and are always excited to see what she dreams up. She’s pleasant to work with, and her responses are always very prompt. I highly recommend her services.”

Tera Cuskaden Art Department Coordinator at Samhain Publishing

“Kanaxa creates covers that capture the attention of readers. Readers take her covers seriously. And Kanaxa takes you seriously. She will bring your work to people’s attention in a new way. She’s also awesome and easy to work with, friendly and dedicated. I feel I’ve arrived now that I have a cover by Kanaxa!”

Hollis Shiloh Author of My Partner the Wolf

“I constantly get compliments on Kanaxa’s faboo cover for BLAZE OF GLORY. I know without a doubt that I wouldn’t have sold half the copies I have with another cover. People stop at my table to stare at the cover art and are pulled in by the image. I couldn’t ask for a better cover artist.”

Sheryl Nantus Author of Blaze of Glory


Heidi Cullinan Award-Winning Author of Carry the Ocean

“I love Kanaxa’s work and was so thrilled to have her do the cover for Yours Mine and Howls. If I ever manage to complete another book, I hope Kanaxa is not too busy to do another cover for me!”

Kinsey Holley Author of Ready to Run

“Kanaxa is the best in the business. If you want covers that are eye-popping and so beautiful you can’t help but pet your screen and whisper “My precious” then she’s the artist for you. I can’t say enough great things about dealing with her, it’s always a delight. She’s so professional and the end product is never anything short of stunning.”

Sierra Dean Author of The Secret McQueen Series

“When I see my book covers for the first time, I always look at them for a few minutes (okay, several minutes) so I can take in the little details Kanaxa weaves into the design, like the kraken hiding behind my name on my third cover. The color schemes she chooses are eye-catching. Best of all, when she asks what I’d like to see on the covers, she means it, and she picks out the best elements from my input to make the covers beautiful.” –

Marian Perera Author of The Highest Tide

“Kanaxa is a brilliant artist. Her gorgeous covers have given my books exposure they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. She has spoiled my readers, who are always excited for a sneak peek at her latest design.”

Hailey Edwards Author of Fantasy and Romance

“Thank you for all of your wonderful work and willingness to portray characters of color with beauty and dignity!”
Piper Huguley Historical Romance Author


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